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Let's start with what is Rheebo. We're a community focused online destination that connects businesses, people and non-profits around things that people are passionate about, like home! Our goal is to create a better way for communities to start conversations, find answers and trusted resources when they need them. You can check out other social spaces that we will be working on under the lifestyle menu.

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You see it all the time on social sites, "does anyone know a good plumber or ?" and then the post disappears in a busy timeline and the cycle begins again. We thought it would be great to have a single destination where you have access to resources and others that can help you with home related matters.  

Welcome to the North Shore Home Advisors Network, an online community of resources and others just like you that can help navigate anything that is home related. Start conversations with those dealing with similiar situations, find trusted resources, tips, insights, events, discussions, Q&A, special promotions and most of all, know that you have a community that is behind you when you need them most! 

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  • Why do we ask for the following information? This helps our business partners and non-profits understand who they engage here. This knowledge provides them with valuable insight into how they serve you. Rheebo is anonymous so you can be assured that your experience here is private, safe and secure. 



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When it comes to businesses, Rheebo is a referred network, so you're in good hands with trusted partners! If you are a business and want to learn more about starting your own community, click here.


  • Ruth's House
  • Haven from Hunger
  • Roof Over Head
  • Pennies for Poverty