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Chestnut Innovation Center
Amesbury Massachusetts 01932
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About CoreAthletics

Our Mission at CoreAthletics is to Develop S.A.F.E., Quality Fitness Products that Improve All Human Movement – Proudly Made in USA

Why S.A.F.E.

  • Strength - Increasing tension on your muscles allows you to safely do more in life
  • Agility - Changing direction while maintaining body control is essential for injury prevention
  • Flexibility - The ability to move a joint through its full range of motion promotes proper posture
  • Endurance - Sustaining movement over time ensures that fatigue will not compromise technique
  • Technique - Moving efficiently means you can maximize all abilities to work together over time

History of CoreAthletics

Founded by Todd and Ellen Kopp in 2005, CoreAthletics has evolved to assist all athletes in training safely.  Todd has been involved in cheering for over two decades, ever since his middle daughter, Valen, first took up the sport in middle school. Since then, CoreAthletics has continued to develop new, innovative, and easy-to-use products, such as the DeFrogger, the StuntStrap, the FullUp Machine, the HandSpring Trainer, the SplitFlex and our new FaSTBands™ products. Today, the CoreAthletics line of fitness equipment has proven effective in a broad spectrum of sports crossing into mixed martial arts, football, hockey, home fitness and more.

  • Parents love our low-impact training and conditioning tools because they're safe for kids.
  • Coaches love our dynamic equipment because they solve common training problems.
  • Athletes love our effective products because they feel results so quickly.
  • We love our amazing line because they help customers reach their fitness goals.

CoreAthletics now has 2 US Patents for our products 8,002,681 and 8,021,273

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