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Yoga Center of Newburyport

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12 Maple Street
Newburyport Massachusetts 01950
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Picture The Newburyport Center for Yoga and Health opened in 1992 as the first center for yoga and mindfulness in the greater Newburyport region. Under the direction of founder Cate Wolfe Cameron, NCYH thrived and served the community for more than thirteen years.

In January 2005, the center was transformed into the Yoga Center of Newburyport, and came under the direction of Manny Muros and Leigh Snow. In 2006, we became an Anusara-Inspired™ yoga studio.

In September 2010, the center came under the Direction of Manny & Cristina Muros.



Picture We believe in the divinity, sanctity and inter-connectedness of all living things and that within each of us there is a place of peace, love, beauty and harmony. 

Our teaching is strongly inspired by Anusara™ Yoga, an elegant and uplifting approach founded by John Friend in 1997. Grounded in deep knowledge of whole body alignment, this system beautifully combines a strong physical practice with deep spiritual understanding. Based in Tantric philosophy, it honors each of us as the embodiment of divine essence and celebrates that manifestation in our daily lives.


Picture Manny & Cristina Muros are a husband and wife team dedicated to the exploration and teachings of spiritual path that lead to self-realization. Both Manny and Cristina have felt their bodies and lives transformed by their spiritual and yoga practices and enjoy sharing this journey with others.

Manny began his study of yoga at NCYH in 1999, and began teaching there in 2001. Manny holds an MBA and is trained as a pharmacist. He spent many years starting and running small businesses, and took a sabbatical to raise his three boys. He began his meditation and spiritual practices in 1995 as a way to balance his life and found his dharma as a student and teacher of spiritual practices that lead to inner states of peace and self realization.

Cristina, a native of Spain, is a gifted healer, a hypnotherapist, teacher and dancer. She has a broad background in body mechanics, bodywork, and the journey of the soul. She studied, practiced and holds certificates in several massage and energy healing modalities. She is a constant student of mind, body and soul processes.

They now devote their energies to running the center and teaching yoga, meditation and workshops as well as individual healing arts sessions.


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