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Valentus with Lisa Smith

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Valentus - healthy functional products to help you achieve your optimal energy, focus, mood, pain management, weight management and more...
Here is My Valentus Story (2 parts)

Part 1.

I guess this is why they say “never say NEVER”. Do I love entrepreneurship and being my own boss? Well that goes without saying, YES! BUT did I think I’d be interested in adding another business to my portfolio?....NO!
The long and short, I was sharing some of my EVER samples with a friend, and was interested in trying samples from the business she was involved with as well.
What I DIDN’T EXPECT, was the positive difference I’d feel, right from the 1st sample…wow! Of course, I looked into all the ingredients prior to trying the samples (I have to add, I was very impressed with the ingredients as was my functional medicine practitioner).

From there, I found testimonials that directly related to children’s health benefits and hence gave a sample to my son.
With each sample consumed, the benefits continued to become more evident. So what did I do???? I joined this rock solid company, and am beyond excited to now offer this to friends and family around the globe.

The company makes NO HEALTH CLAIMS….BUT THE MULTITUDE OF TESTIMONIALS continue to awe me. Watch for details, as I now add information and offer samples on my Public Facebook Page (not on it yet??? Make sure to join at "Healthy From The Outside In with Lisa Smith") I'll be sharing information, testimonials and links to my websites on INNER AND OUTER HEALTH AND WELLNESS! See you soon!

Part 2

As promised, I want to share with you my WHY Valentus!

I have been driven for many years to help myself and my family find a healthier way of life and have researched many supplements and products that may bring us closer to feeling better.

I have arrived! I found Valentus. I have been enjoying the benefits of Valentus since June of 2017 and will be forever grateful I was introduced to these functional beverages and more.

Here is how it has helped me personally and my family.


I have been struggling with poor energy levels for the past 5 1/2 years since my hysterectomy and have been seeking help through Functional Medicine practitioners. I had regained some energy levels through supplements and the Hormone Replacement Therapy I was doing but I knew I didn’t want to stay on them forever. I have recently cut out my HRT cold turkey, yes I said COLD TURKEY and I am able to maintain a level of energy that I have never had before, even before my hysterectomy and my younger years. I attribute this to Valentus.


My mood swings are few and far between now. I am amazed at how I am adjusting to eliminating my HRT and I’m confident with Valentus I will reach my goal to balance my moods. I have not had a cold or virus since starting Valentus and BONUS Immune Boost helps you recover after a few cocktails (just have one before bed and wake up feeling yourself – my little secret). My daily dose helps me fend off those pesky seasonal allergies and colds are minimal.


The herbal and vitamin/mineral blends work well to synergistically relax and ground you. I suffer from mild anxiety and have noticed that since I personally started enjoying Valentus products my anxiety level has decreased. Some days my anxiety level increases when life throws me a curve ball but I now know I can reach for an Immune Boost to help calm me rather than a pill, the best thing is my sleep patterns are better too.


I am a multi-tasker junky and Valentus has given me the opportunity to continue being a multi-tasker when I once thought, not long ago, “Am I losing my memory and ability to focus completely”? Wow, my memory is back and I am ready to take on anything.
My son, who has mild autism, has been enjoying the Valentus products for the past 4 months and we have noticed that it is helping him with his attention / focus at school. He is taking a prescribed compound vitamin mix daily through our Functional Medicine MD which helps him tremendously but since we have introduced/added Valentus to his daily regimen we are seeing even more benefits all around. He enjoys a Brazilian coffee in the morning, an Energy mid-day at school, The Prevail Max and an Immune Boost.
We chose the Brazilian Slim Roast for him as it contains L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea which studies have shown that it has anxiety-relieving powers best known for inducing calming, tranquilizing effects while simultaneously improving alertness.


I have always been a person that liked to work out either biking or swimming as these were the two forms of exercise that my body would let me do. I suffered from juvenile arthritis since the age of 13 and it was, to say the least, a struggle literally. Thank goodness for my loyal friends who helped me maneuver up and down the stairs in high school when I was most stricken by this childhood disease. Yes I did, as my doctor promised, grow out of it around the age of 21 and have lived a life somewhat free of pain other than aches and pains from weather changes.
Why am I telling you all of this? Two years prior to my hysterectomy, approximately, I hurt myself while working out in a muscle toning class at a gym. I had performed one of the exercises incorrectly and was suffering from sciatica and didn’t know it until I went to a yoga class and had a tremendous amount of pain and numbness in my leg. I went from physical therapists to orthopedic doctors only to be told I had bursitis and to follow an exercise program to help heal my injury, some of which helped but for the most part I said to myself “ I guess I will have to live with pain”.
I was fortunate enough to meet a gifted physical therapist / healer by the name of Barbara Gosselin, who started me down the path of becoming pain free with her holistic approach. I had never heard of fascia mobilization before I met Barbara but I can say it was definitely what my body needed in order to heal. My injuries and probably residual scar tissue from my hysterectomy and prior surgeries had caused my fascia to immobilize which was really the root of my continued pain. I am thankful to have worked with Barbara for over a year and she brought me from barely being able to walk to getting back into my 3 mile walks that I love to take. When my sessions with Barbara came to an end this past summer, due to insurance visits allowed being exhausted, I was worried, would the pain come back?
Then, I was introduced to Valentus!
I am happy to report I am near 100% pain free and I am able to enjoy walking 3 miles 3-5 times per week, started a variety of classes at a local gym and recently started Pilates (which I love). I have not had this amount of energy in years and better yet I am strong enough that I feel I won’t hurt myself and can increase my physical activity and exercise with confidence.


I was diagnosed with Candida / Yeast Overgrowth over two years ago, I had never heard of this until I consulted with a Functional Medicine MD and Nutritionist. It all made sense when I thought about the many years of difficulty since I was 12 years old.

The symptoms of Candida can include brain fog, fatigue, bloating, digestive issues, repeated yeast infections, and much more. Valentus Prevail Breakthrough Cleanse has really helped control my Candida along with some conscious diet choices.


BONUS! Who wants help controlling your appetite and better yet help you reach your weight management goal?

I initially was interested in trying Valentus for all of the benefits listed above but once I started shedding the weight, that I had been ignoring was adding up, I was amazed.
I have lost over 15 lbs in the last 4-5 months since I started enjoying the Valentus products and have gone down 1.5 sizes, almost 2, WOW!
Say yes to better healthy beverages etc. with benefits, energy, focus / attention, immune health, pain management, weight management and more.
I look forward to helping you achieve your optimal YOU!
Watch for further personal stories on humans and dogs, yes DOGS.
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You are entitled to a free sample of our new Slimroast Optimum coffee. See the Youtube video for a description of how this neurological formulation works to help you with your weight management and more.