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SoVital Fitness Studios

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806 Constitution Avenue
Littleton Massachusetts 01460
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We are committed to offering varied and stimulating classes  that really encourage the growth and confidence necessary to live the life you want to live. Here at SoVital, we believe that a commitment to learning and constantly being challenged is what allows you to face life with a versatile, open-minded adaptability. The staff at SoVital are committed to reaching human potential in themselves and others. They are committed to teaching and guiding members to their personal best. They are after all, doing just that themselves! Thank you for giving us a chance to show you what we have to offer. See you in one of our Yoga, Pilates, Dance or Mediation classes!

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Sunday: 7:30a – 1:30p Monday: 5:30a – 8:30p Tuesday: 5:30a – 8:30p Wednesday: 5:30a – 8:30p Thursday: 5:30a – 8:30p Friday: 5:30a – 8:30p Saturday: 7:30a – 1:30p