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Some of you may remember hearing about my “Good Heavens!” radio and Cable TV shows, my newspaper and magazine columns on various lifestyle-related topics or my counseling services.  You may know about the astrologocial insights I provide clients for their personal growth, relationship, timing and career. As author / publisher of 18 books (personal growth, metaphysics, and fiction), I speak to groups and clubs (, and offer a multitude of sessions or workshops. Astro consults are in person or by phone, and Good Heavens!Certificates are available for personalized astrological reports or consults for a gift.

In 2001, I added nutrition services to my company's offerings to fill our gaps in plant nutrition in ways that are affordable and convenient.  See  and  - concentrated plant powders in capsules, smoothies, gummies, and satisfying food bars. True health is foundational to self-actualization, and these are ways to get nature’s rainbow every day, backed by gold standard studies showing multiple health benefits.

Finally, my husband and I are avid gardeners. If you are a grower who hates to see your harvest end with cooler weather, come see my hydroponic/aeroponic vertical gardens that we grow year-round.  They are now on my back deck, loaded with greens, cukes, beans, eggplants and melons. This system uses 10% of the area and 10% of the water needed to grow these foods in soil, providing nutrition that’s denser and lasts longer.

Please email me at to connect and learn more!

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