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Tom Ellis Coaching

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74 Maple Street
West Newbury Massachusetts 01985
(978) 372-2284
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Get Clear, Get Unstuck & Get Happy With Your Life

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As a certified professional Coach, I work with individuals including artists, students, adults, couples, managers, business owners and leaders who are ready to improve an area in their lives that no longer serves them.
As a certified professional Coach, I work with individuals including artists, students, adults, couples, managers, business owners and leaders who are ready to improve an area in their lives that no longer serves them. 
Here are examples of what my clients want to accomplish in our coaching sessions:
  • Learn to ´╗┐control their worry´╗┐ habits instead of the other way around.
  • To achieve clarity, balance and purpose in their lives.
  • Maintain balance between business, work, home and social.
  • To identify and achieve goals at school, home or on the job.
  • Learn to improve their social or communication skills with self and loved ones.
  • Build upon existing leadership skills.
  • To figure out their purpose in life and put it into action.
  • To feel unstuck in their personal or professional lives.
  • Move beyond childhood trauma and live a peaceful rewarding lifestyle in control.
  • With the use of honesty and humor, I offer a variety of practical and effective tools to individuals who are seriously committed to progressing in their personal or professional lives.  In our sessions, we will be free from drama, safe to self-express and get right to work in making changes happen immediately.
  • If you are ready to achieve results in either your personal or professional life, contact me today for a complimentary coaching session. During this free session, you will get to experience how I can support you meeting your goals before investing any resources.

About Tom Ellis, CPC

Ask anyone who has worked with me, "What is the first thing Tom says when you start working together?" and They will tell you that Tom said "I have some good news and some tough news, first is that  there is nothing wrong with you and lastly, it's going to take some time to convince you of that."
I believe that you are perfect and flawless.  When people come to work with me, we soon discover that it is not the person that is the issue but rather their thinking and habits that are.   Knowing this, we will work on creating the positive thinking and productive actions that gets the results you want.
"We do not focus on problems from the past but rather on the possibilities for your future".
My passion for this work, as a Life Coach stems in large part from my own life experiences. My journey in this life started with being born with a hearing impairment. For the first five years of my life, I didn't speak. I simply observed the world around me. As I got older, I realized that what I once thought of as a disability actually helped me connect, understand, and empathize with others.
By actively listening to what is being said, I discovered I have an exceptional ability to intuitively listen to what other people are really trying to say.
06 Jan 2017
It was time to make a change in my business and career. I was losing the passion and excitement I once experienced. I felt overwhelmed and I was unclear on what I wanted. I engaged Tom to help me determine next steps in my career. His structured approach, well-formulated questions and reflections and thought-provoking exercises helped me to make the change. I accepted a new job that meets my goals, is in concert with my values and re-engages me in my profession. I highly recommend Tom.
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12 Dec 2016
I'm in a transition phase of my life and thought I'd give life coaching a try. Little did I know I'd be embarking on a fabulous journey into understanding who I really am. Tom has a plethora of tools that have helped me on multiple levels: dealing with anxiety, recognizing which parts of my life are working and which could use improvement, and most important how to attain a greater sense of peace.
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11 Dec 2016
I approached Tom for coaching when I needed guidance on a major life decision to move to another country. Tom's input, organization, and honesty were invaluable during this hectic time. Having Tom there to help me prioritize, hold me accountable for making decisions, and give me advice was incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend him!
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05 Dec 2016
Tom is a fabulous life coach. I am working on dealing with being a caregiver as well as a Mom and working full time. I was stuck in areas that were dragging me down. Together with Tom I have worked my way through many difficult areas in my life. Tom is compassionate, funny, tough when you need him to be, positive, and realistic. He reminds me where I am now vs where I was when I came to him. I continue to improve my situation and most importantly, myself.
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04 Dec 2016
The thing about Tom Ellis is that he listens to you. His approach is comfortable, friendly and very methodical. My work with Tom resulted in learning things about my professional behavior that were easy to change, and very effective.
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04 Dec 2016
I reached out to Tom Ellis for help when I was trying to decide about a big life change. He helped me to make the best decision by talking through the options with me in a clear, organized way that I would not have been able to do on my own. After just one session I decided to stay in the city I was living in and apply to grad school- and my life is infinitely better because of it! Tom is kind, calm, supportive and very genuine. I highly recommend hiring him as a life coach to anyone.
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30 Nov 2016
Very thorough and attentive. Guides you through a well-planned process that adjusts as you go to what he learns about you. Explores different avenues in your thought process to uncover and analyze your triggers.
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30 Nov 2016
I am happy to write a review for Tom Ellis Coaching. Tom makes you feel immediately at ease and really takes the time to listen and learn about the person. I would recommend Tom to anyone looking to get on the right track!
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