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Salah's Scoops

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178 Washington Street
Gloucester Massachusetts 01930
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Salah's Scoops is proud to serve Richard's Ice Cream.  Our selections include:



About Richardsons Ice Cream

One of the oldest farms in America, the Richardson's family dairy farm in Middleton, Massachusetts has operated continuously since 1695. Over the many years, operations evolved from a subsistence living to today's visitor friendly farm and ice cream stand. 

We’re a dairy farming family that has been serving finest homemade dairy products for generations.  We take our history seriously and endeavor to honor it by maintaining the highest standards for our products.  

10 Dec 2016
I stopped in to Georges for breakfast and was amazed at not only how good the food was but also the amount of food. When they say Hungry - you won't be! they mean it! So next time in to Gloucester, I tried Salah's Scoops next door to Georges and had a pumpkin froyo. They are part of Georges and of course great froyo and of course, if you're hungry - you won't be, as the serving is huge too! Great food and value!
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