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Let's start with what is Rheebo. We're a community focused online destination that connects businesses, people and non-profits around things that people are passionate about, like New Bedford! Our goal is to create a better way for communities to start conversations, find answers and trusted resources when they need them. You can check out other social spaces that we will be working on under the lifestyle menu. Our main street initiative is not about a physical location but what the idea of what main street used to be. A place to gather, shop and socialize. Welcome to Rheebo!

It's all about New Bedford!

You've been invited to join Cosmic Garden, Solstice Gallery in the New Bedford Virtual Main Street Community!

Welcome to New Bedford Virtual Main Street, an online community of businesses, non-profits and others just like you that can help navigate anything that is New Bedford related. Start conversations, find trusted resources, tips, insights, events, discussions, special rewards and most of all, know that you have a community that is behind you when you need them most!

When you join our New Bedford Community not only will you get a special 50% off coupon, but you will have access to our flash sales which are spontaneous, limited (often just an hour long) periods of time during we put particular items on sale at an extremely reduced price.  We have everything from baseball hats to candles to men's shirts and jackets. Once in a while we will offer a mystery box full of unidentified items to the highest bidder on a certain day.

Welcome to the North Shore Senior Living Community

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