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Savour Wine & Cheese

Savour Wine & Cheese

Savour Wine & Cheese located in Gloucester MA carries a wide variety of hand selected wines, cheeses and beers from around the world. Twenty wines are always available for complimentary tasting!

A Best Value Bordeaux - 2015 Presidial

A Best Value Bordeaux - 2015 Presidial

2015 Presidial Bordeaux

Jean-Luc Thunevin

Extraordinary Vintage of this Bordeaux Best Value

We couldn't wait to pour it into our glass and there's no doubt that you'll want some too.  Extraordinary! Superb! Don't Miss! That's what the long awaited for 2015 Bordeaux vintage has been called. You've loved this wine, year after year, for it's early drinking appeal thanks to the craft of Jean Luc Thunevin. Now you'll love it even more when we share that it's only all estate fruit in this bottle. A blend of 80% Merlot with the remainder split evenly between Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, Presidial is simply delicious.

Presidial Bordeaux 2015  $17.99 per bottle

You all know who Jean Luc Thunevin is, don't you? You could say that he started the whole "garage" movement back in 1989. Garage wines are small production wines from tiny parcels of vineyards that are tended to as preciously as orchid gardens. Jean Luc bought a tiny parcel on the "wrong side of the tracks" in St Emilion. From this parcel a few vintages later he proved to the venerable St Emilion establishment that you could make a silk purse from a mouse's ear if you did things like de-stemming by hand and severe green harvesting and keeping the yields very, very low.

Jean Luc's vision of super small-production and super-high quality paved the way for the new Bordeaux types. He taught Bordeaux, by example, that just because you don't have the best terroir out there, with good vineyard work and meticulous vinification, you can conceive a wine way above its class. It has always been Jean Luc Thunevin's objective to get the most out of any terroir whether it be a fancy cru or a petite unclassified. He just wants to make great wine. 

Well, Presidial is one of those great wines. If you haven't been seduced already you'll most certainly be by the explosive fruits, raspberry, backberry, hints of roses, full palate, soft, smooth tannins, and lively fresh finish in one of the best vintages to come from Bordeaux in years!

Now, don't get us wrong. We're not saying Presidial is going to give Chateau Latour a run for its money. But, what we can attest to is this wine tastes way beyond its pedigree. We're talking all estate fruit in a Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc Blend.  

Most of all we know you'll appreciate the price. This is a feel-no-guilt Bordeaux. You can pop the cork any day of the week without making any compromise toward quality.

The 2015 Presidial is here to be enjoyed.  Be forewarned, it disappears from glasses quickly, you might want to by two cases. - Cynthia Hurley French Wines

To Order:

Just call the store at 978-282-1455  with your name and the quantity you want to reserve. Cynthia Hurley French Wines are available, on a pre-order basis. Wines will be available within a week or two of your order date. Delivery is available to the entire Cape Ann area free of charge.

We stand behind all Cynthia Hurley French Wines and guarantee that you will find them pleasing and delicious. You can return any of their wines for any reason if the wine does not meet your expectations.

The Details:

Presidial Bordeaux 2015

by the bottle =$17.99 per bottle

12-bottle case $194.29 = $16.19 per bottle (save 10%)

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