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Savour Wine & Cheese

Savour Wine & Cheese

Savour Wine & Cheese located in Gloucester MA carries a wide variety of hand selected wines, cheeses and beers from around the world. Twenty wines are always available for complimentary tasting!

Blanc de Franc - Cabernet Franc

Blanc de Franc - Cabernet Franc

Couly-Dutheil's 2017 Blanc de Franc

Unusual White Cabernet Franc from Chinon

Floral and fruity, strawberries and cream, this dry white wine fools even the best. Why? It's a white wine made from 100% Cabernet Franc. This unusual, dry, structured wine delights with its aromatic appeal and medium bodied, easy mouth feel. The powerhouse of Couly-Dutheil will transform your appreciation of Cabernet Franc with their Blanc de Franc. Warning, this wine instantly makes friends.

Domaine Couly-Dutheil Blanc de Franc 2017
$22.99 per bottle

new vintage 

Many people fall in love with the village of Chinon before they fall for Chinon the wine. For a quarter of a mile in each direction along the Vienne, in the Loire Valley, charming stone houses are built right into the hillside. The land rises steeply from the bank and on its highest part with a lot of vineyards in between sits a Chateau, noble though in ruins.

It's an ancient place of beauty where Joan of Arc convinced Charles VII to put on the French crown and drive out the English. We've been drinking Chinon for a long time and with each sip vivid pictures of the village pop into mind.

Chinon, of course, is famous for Cabernet Franc. We, like Jancis Robinson, have a soft spot for this grape that is charming and aromatic. And the Couly-Dutheil family that happens to make our favorite Chinon tricked us one day by pouring a glass of their white Cabernet Franc they call Blanc de Franc.

Blanc de Franc tricks the eye and the nose. The pure golden color, with the slightest hint of blush, will have your mind trailing down the list of white grape varietals. When you smell the strawberries and cream and slight biscuit notes, you will start to look for bubbles thinking it might be Champagne. After your first sip you'll be further confused because you'll feel some tannins.

This trick of the senses, is all thanks to a white wine being made from red grapes. This happens with Champagne production, but not so much in other places because red grapes are pretty valuable.

The Couly-Dutheil's make Blanc de Franc by gently pressing the Cabernet Franc grapes and then the juice sees no further contact with the skins. It's the skins, after all, that gives the wine it's color. After fermentation, this wine stays on the lees for 4 months, creating its lush round mouth feel.

In Chinon only red wines can take the name of the appellation. Since this is a white wine made by Cabernet Franc, and not red, the Couly-Dutheil's have decided to call it Blanc de Franc.

This delicious wine is well made and reflects the unique place it comes from. We're huge fans because it's another example of the dedication and high standards of the Couly-Dutheils. It always reminds us not to takes things so seriously.

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The Details:

Couly-Dutheil's Blanc de Franc 2017  

by the bottle =$22.99 per bottle

12-bottle case $248.29 = $20.69 per bottle (save 10%)

new vintage 

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