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Savour Wine & Cheese

Savour Wine & Cheese

Savour Wine & Cheese located in Gloucester MA carries a wide variety of hand selected wines, cheeses and beers from around the world. Twenty wines are always available for complimentary tasting!

A Macon Best Value - Our Everyday Chardonnay

A Macon Best Value - Our Everyday Chardonnay


The Fabulous 2016 Macon Solutré
from Jean-Pierre Auvigue
Stylish Chardonnay


You can pull the cork on Jean-Pierre Auvigue's Macon-Solutré pretty much anytime and not feel like you're compromising. This Chardonnay provides tons of citrus flavors, a hint of floral notes, minerality, and a touch of honey on the finish. We're always delighted by the luscious mouthfeel of this elegant, fleshy wine and know you will be too. 


Auvigue Macon Solutré 2016

$19.99 per bottle


Many of you love the Macon Solutré and it's easy to understand why. After all, we're happy to kick back with a glass (or two) of this wine because it offers the extraordinary combination of purity and subtlety, which is of course Jean-Pierre Auvigue's trademark. 

The Macon Solutré is an easy wine to drink on a regular basis because it offers an incredible value. Located in the southern part of Burgundy, Macon is a region on the rise given the big price tags that go along with the likes of Meursault, Chassagne-Montrachet, and Puligny-Montrachet. 

You CAN, however, pull the cork on Jean-Pierre Auvigue's Macon-Solutré pretty much anytime you feel like it. And not feel like you're compromising. That's the important part. This family has been making wine for generations and vintage after vintage we've never been disappointed.

There is nothing heavy about this pure, Chardonnay wine with its elegant minerality and a little citrus with a dash of honey. Jean-Pierre uses just a bit of older barrel oak to add roundness and beautiful mouthfeel.

The Macon region is actually a handful of several different villages with names like Fuissé and Solutré and Pouilly. There are vineyards associated with these communes. All of the growing areas have been classified (like nearly every wine area in France) according to the quality of the terroir and are allowed to use label names usually expressed as Macon- something, like Macon-Solutré.

These are the wines whose grapes have come exclusively from a specific commune, Macon-Solutré. The importance of "Solutré" is that it guarantees 100% the grapes come from here - one of the best of the "villages". In fact, 50% of it is classified Pouilly-Fuisse (and costs twice as much).


Auvigue's Solutré is a wine that can age well for 3 to 4 years. But really, does it ever last that long? If you're like us, you'll always drink it as soon as you get it because the luscious mouthfeel makes this wine far too easy to enjoy. 

It's always a good time to stock-up on this stylish Chardonnay. - Cynthia Hurley French Wines


To Order


Call the store at 978-282-1455) with your name and the quantity you want to reserve. Cynthia Hurley French Wines are available, on a pre-order basis. Wines will be available within a week or two of your order date. Delivery is available to the entire Cape Ann area free of charge.
We stand behind all Cynthia Hurley French Wines and guarantee that you will find them pleasing and delicious. You can return any of their wines for any reason if the wine does not meet your expectations.


The Details:


Auvigue Macon Solutré 2016

by the bottle = $19.99 per bottle

12-bottle case $215.89 = $17.99 per bottle (save 10%)









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