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At The Natural Dog, it is our goal to keep your dogs and cats happy, healthy and safe.  It is exciting and rewarding for us to experience, witness and share our customer’s success stories. The Natural Dog offers a wide variety of natural & holistic products for dogs & cats!

Health Benefits of Adding Goat Milk to Your Pet’s Diet

Health Benefits of Adding Goat Milk to Your Pet’s Diet

By Dawn Price, Registered Dietitian
Owner The Natural Dog, Newburyport MA  

There are many options available to consider when incorporating additional food supplements to your pets diet. Many of these considerations are based on individual needs. However, if looking for an overall healthy addition to enhance your pet’s diet, raw goat milk is a great option.

Raw goat milk is the most complete food known. It contains protein, essential fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and trace elements in a live whole food form. Compared to cow’s milk, it is very easily digested, having a digestion time of only twenty minutes. This is due to the smaller fat globules and high concentration of small and medium chain fatty acids. Raw goat milk is also well tolerated by people and pets that can’t digest pasteurized milk. This is due to the fact that raw milk contains ample amounts of the lactase enzyme which breaks down the lactose milk sugar. Pasteurization and heat destroy the lactase enzyme.

Raw goat milk provides an easily digestible and highly nutritious source of fluid for dogs and cats that enhances hydration.  Dogs and cats bodies are about 65% moisture, and unlike humans they are designed to obtain the majority of moisture from the foods they eat. Supplementing raw goat milk to a kibble diet, which contains very little moisture, is a great way to enhance the pets hydration as well as providing many other raw nutrient benefits.

Raw goats milk contains beneficial microorganisms that enhance intestinal and digestive tract support.  There is an increasing trend of digestive, intestinal and bowel issues being experienced by companion animals resulting from the consumption of highly processed diets cooked at extreme temperatures.  The fermentation process of goat milk provides additional probiotics. Fermented milk aids in conditions such as colitis, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome, gastric ulcers and intestinal pathogens.

Raw goat milk may also be used as a natural anti-inflammatory. The high percentage of fatty acids aids with the reduction of inflammation in the digestive tract of mammals. It is also beneficial in fighting off yeast. This is due to the probiotics and high levels of caprylic acid, which is also a natural yeast destroyer.

By supplementing goats milk the overall health of your pet is greatly enhanced. Not only is it palatable to most dogs and cats, but raw goat milk has been shown to help with a number of common ailments. Whether your dog is fed a raw diet, cooked diet or kibble diet, supplementing raw goat’s milk can help to keep your four legged friends healthy and happy, the natural way.

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