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Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents


Style: R&B|Soul

Most Boston music fans will recognize Jen D’Angora (a/k/a Jenny Dee) as the singer/guitarist in garage stalwarts The Downbeat 5 as well as punk/pop darlings The Dents. When The Dents split up three years ago and The Downbeat 5 started playing out less frequently, D’Angora started working on a new batch of songs that were slightly different from the material she’d written for her other bands and decided to indulge in her love of the girl group sounds of the 60′s.

“I’ve been a fan of that music since I was really young and my interest was rejuvenated as I started getting into Blondie and The New York Dolls – their interpretation of songs by the Shangri Las and other groups fascinated me. That’s basically what this record’s about – writing in a style that I love, having a great time, and working with amazing people.” says D’Angora.

The Deelinquents formed soon thereafter, with Tony Goddess from Papas Fritas/The Rudds (guitar), Eric Salt (guitar), Phil Aiken (keyboards), Ed Valauskas from The Gravel Pit/The Gentlemen (bass), and Eric Anderson (drums). In addition to the core band, Jen added her sister Beka Dangora and Samantha Goddess to sing harmonies and dance their asses off.

Before they played a show, they recorded the single “Keeping Time” with producer Matt Beaudoin (Eli “Paperboy” Reed) at Q Division, which charted in the Top 20 Downloads on Amazon.com.

“There isn’t a music on earth that better suits D’Angora’s voice than girl-group-era R&B, straight-up, and that’s what she’s singing here – with bonus points for writing songs that hold their own next to the classics. (There’s a Daptone-like quality to her recordings that makes you do audio double-takes: are you sure this shit wasn’t recorded in 1964?).” – The Boston Phoenix


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