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Wendell Peterson Electrician

Wendell Peterson Electrician

Welcome to my Blog

Hello, I'm Wendell Peterson, an experienced electrician that you can trust to take care of all of your electrical needs. I will be blogging about topics that I think will add value to your home living experience and look forward to your comments and feedback.

About Me

I am a licensed and insured Journeyman Electrician from Magnolia, MA, with a proven track record serving the larger North Shore area from Amesbury to Woburn. My experience spans Residential, Commercial and Industrial fields of business.

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Standby Home Generators

Standby Home Generators

By Wendell Peterson Electrician.

From nor'easters to hurricanes, we've learned to expect extreme weather here in New England. But when it comes to extended power loss, few are prepared!  When your home’s power goes out so do things like the furnace, sump pump, water heater, refrigerator, lights, and more. Not to mention other items that require electricity, like your television, air conditioner or OMG, your laptop and phone.

So, if you have a zero tolerance for power outages, a backup home generator is a prudent choice. But before you jump in the car and head to your favorite home store, it's best to let an expert like Wendell Peterson to guide you. You'll need to consider fuel source, capacity and installation to ensure that the generator will adequately service your home.

1. Identifying the fuel type.

Standby generators up to 22kW will use mostly be either natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP), but if you're looking for a generator that runs on diesel, you'll need to step up to a liquid-cooled whole-house type that could cost considerably more. You'll need an experienced plumber to connect to a fuel source.

2. Next you need to determine the size of the generator.

The size of the generator depends on what critical home systems you need to support and how many. Air Conditioners, Refridgerators and large appliances all factor in. There are several different brands that we recommend including Winco, Kohler and Briggs and Stratton. These systems can be sized to run a few critical circuits, or the whole house. We have 8KW through 20KW (the common residential sizes)  up to commercial sizes of 300KW.   * An advantage to the Briggs brand is the UL listing approving installation of  the generator as close as 18” from a combustible surface. They do not require a pad, and may save the cost of trenching to bury the piping and cabling.

I work closely with East Coast Power Products to ensure that any size option can be accomodated. Mike from East Coast Power Products is a Ford/ Kubota/ Winco/ Kohler and Briggs Dealer, and Engine Warranty repair expert.  They know these systems inside and out!

3. Electrical - Transfer Switch

Just like a light bulb needs a switch to turn on, your generator needs one too. An automatic transfer switch (ATS) allows your generator to automatically spring into action the moment a power failure is detected. It does this by continuously sensing utility power and after an outage is detected, it simultaneously starts the engine and disconnects power coming from the line and energizes your home's panel through generator power.

Getting the right switch is just as crucial as getting the right generator as they work together to restore lost power. In order to know which will work for you, you'll need to know the amperage of your electrical service panel. This is where I come in! I am an experienced licensed Electrician that will work closely with you and East Coast Power to ensure that when a power outage occurs you and your family will be safe.

About Wendell Peterson

Wendell Peterson provides a high quality electrical install at a competitive rates, and with East Coast Power Products, above average care after the sale. I look forward to being your Electrical Contractor of choice for generator and all electrical needs.

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