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If you've been thinking at all about selling your house - or buying another property nearby - or relocating somewhere warmer, colder, more or less walkable, urban, country, less expensive, waterfront, international - whatever would make you smile more - and feel more alive - then it's time to get on my list for a Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage CMA, a detailed professional market and marketing analysis of your current property - hand delivered with all your questions (timing, price, closing, fees, whatever) answered - no obligation to list although we'd like (love) you to.

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4 Reasons Why Bamboo Is Taking Home Decor by Storm

4 Reasons Why Bamboo Is Taking Home Decor by Storm

Brought to you by Neil Wilson.

Real Estate News November 2017

4 Reasons Why Bamboo Is Taking Home Decor by Storm

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Denver, Colorado - City ParkHomeowners are often looking for home improvement options that strike the right balance between affordability, functionality, aesthetics and eco-friendliness. Bamboo has been marketed as something of a panacea—a kind of wonder wood that checks all the boxes. Designers, contractors and consumers have all taken note, as bamboo has made its way into homes as flooring, walls, window treatments, furniture and more. Here are the properties that are making this popular material a go-to green choice for interior design materials.


Bamboo is a readily available wood…except for the fact that bamboo isn't a wood at all, but a grass! Therein lies the secret to bamboo's ascendant success as a housing material: It grows like a weed because it essentially is one. At a maximum of three feet per day, it is, in fact, the fastest growing plant on Earth.

Just the one word "bamboo" doesn't do justice to the range of looks the material offers. It can vary greatly in shades and textures, making it a versatile option for decorators and designers.

Whether natural or manmade, few materials can match bamboo's physical properties pound for pound. Because bamboo grows in wet, tropical climates, it is well-suited to resisting rain and wind. In fact, this unassuming reed beats out hardwood, brick and concrete alike in terms of compressive strength, while rivaling steel in tensile strength.

As a growing n of homeolook for eco-friendly materials in their decor, perhaps no single factor has contributed to bamboo's modern vogue indesign mothan its sustainability. As it is a grass rather than a tree, it can grow to a harvestable size (often over 100 feet) in a matter of months. This is in stark contrast to the years of water, fertilizer and prequired by other timber woods.

My quick take on timing...

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Is there ever a really good time or you to buy or sell real estate? It’s complicated and everyone around you has an opinion. I’m a coach and a Realtor (not a Financial  advisor or attorney BTW). So I’d like to try to help. Here’s a trial of a 1,2,3 to do list that might help find an opportunity for you.

1. Look at your long term financial and life goals first - I suggest walking away from well meaning friends, family, articles, websites and go to your most trusted confidential expert CPA, Financial Planner, coach, advisor, etc. If you do this in plenty of time you could make your move when you’re ready.

2. Look at the short term specific tasks and decisions next - rent, buy, single family, condo, investment, ready to move in or fixable or even “distressed”, location, location, location, condition, price, potential “carrying costs”, etc. Consult with pros when needed, of course.

3. Above all find the place that feels just right - look online at virtual tours but then go to as many open houses and showings as you can handle. You may live or invest there for a long time. You can change the paint - but some things will never ever change even with costly renovation. Get estimates!

So now I expect you’ve got even more ideas and perhaps some questions. And I’m ready to answer some. No pressure or obligation.

If you’re ready to buy or sell, ask me for help as your Realtor first please (unless you’re already working with - under an agreement with someone else).

Sign up for listings too.

Ask me for a buyer tour, market analysis, referral to other pros or a faraway agent, etc.

I will always answer your questions about my work and any fees involved.

Call me - Real Deal Neil. And Career Guy Neil. Bye for now.

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