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The Hempire Company

The Hempire Company

Hempire is a health and wellness store focusing on bringing your body to a place of homeostasis. WE believe optimal health is the practice of loving thyself, MIND, BODY and SOUL. We carry a wide assortment of products from unique gifts, oils, and clothing.

Hempire Now Carries

Hempire Now Carries

Charlotte's Web Maximum Strength Hemp Extract

Our highest level of CBD. Available exclusively in retail. 60mg of CBD per mL. 120mg of hemp extract per 1mL serving

GLUTEN FREE | NON GMO | 100%  VEGAN | Mint Chocolate | 30mL Only





Chakra Bath Bombs at Hempire Amesbury Chakra Bath Bombs

Enhance your bathing experience with gemstone hydrotherapy. Each Chakra bathbomb infuses your bath with a chakra stone, therapeutic essential oils and CBD to enhance that specific Chakra for a relaxing and helaing soak.





Designer Cones at Hempire Designer Cones

Now available at Hempire. Come in and let us know which is your favorite.








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