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Give Yourself a Competitive Edge With Polyphenols

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge With Polyphenols

Power Through Your Workouts

ATP is the energy currency of our cells. The only way to make enough ATP is to make sure adequate levels of oxygen are getting to the muscle cells allowing them to work at peak efficiency. Polyphenols work at the level of gene activation helping our cells get more oxygen to generate as much ATP as possible. Get the most out of your workouts by supplementing with polyphenols.\


Polyphenols are powerful gene-activating agents that are found in low concentrations in colorful fruits and vegetables. Purified extracts are the best way to obtain adequate levels of polyphenols on a daily basis. Consumption of adequate levels helps support digestive health, reduction of inflammation, slowing of aging, cognitive function, athletic performance, healthy blood sugar, and reduction of oxidative stress.

Why Choose Zone Polyphenols?

  • Calorie Restriction without Hunger:  Helps activate the enzyme that optimizes metabolism so you can maintain high energy levels using fewer calories.
  • Improved Gut Health:  Help support the composition of beneficial bacteria, thereby improving overall wellness.
  • Gene Therapy:  Helps activate the body’s antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory genes.

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