Becca Tebon

Becca Tebon is the founder of Becca Tebon FIT where she provides holistic health, fitness, and lifestyle programs packed with time-tested proven and easy to follow strategies, pure inspiration and personalized guidance. Becca believes in cleansing from the inside out starting with conscious thoughts all the way to the cellular level. As a crusader for whole-body nourishment, she is dedicated to helping you discover that small. daily shifts can provide lasting life-long happiness and health. Becca has worked extensively with naturopaths, nutritionists & holistic practitioners. In addition she has earned numerous certifications in both health, fitness and holistic healing over the past 30 years. After what is literally a lifetime of struggling with undiagnosed food allergies, digestive issues, auto-immune condition, and nutrition deficiencies, she healed herself and has stopped the cyclical medicines that were pumped into her for 40 years.

Her passion is to help you find your best and healthiest life! Let’s journey together!

Ask me a question about nutrition, food allergies, fitness or whatever comes to mind!

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