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Good to the Bone - What's New?

Good to the Bone - What's New?

What's New with Savour's Delicious, Fortified Bone Broth?


To begin with - we have a new Logo!


We are also in the process of licensing for wholesale distribution outside of Savour, so be sure to get your supply while it lasts!  As you know, we freeze it and vacuum seal the lid so it stays fresh for many months, so you can stock up.


Besides drinking your broth (a cup a day if you can), here are some other ideas to stretch your bone broth dollar.


One of the best things to do - make a soup or for the fastest lunch or weeknight supper


  • Add a bag of your favorite frozen vegetables (which are nutiritionally as good as fresh) and some rotisserie chicken.    I like the blend for Asian Stir Fry - just add a little soy sauce!
  • For another quick lunch, try adding some fresh spinach to the hot broth, stir in an egg and add some Asian flavorings, like ginger and soy sauce.  You have instant egg-drop soup!


Some people ask me "What should I do with the layer of fat on top?"  It is very nutritionally dense, so don't throw it away!  If you mix it in, the bone broth, which is so satisfying, is still only about 40 calories a cup.   But, I like to reserve some of the fat for cooking.  It is the best ever for frying up an egg or caramelizing a piece of fresh ham.  Wherever you might use butter, try this chicken fat - so good! (And, it makes the best chicken gravy)!


I also use my bone broth as a base for many of my favorite dishes, like chicken pot pie and enchilladas with salsa verde.  But, my favorite way to use the broth in my cooking is this recipe for "Cast Iron Skillet Chicken with Tarragon" from America's Test Kitchen.  I love the chicken itself, but it also makes the absolute best rich chicken gravy with the savoury taste of leeks and tarragon.  Make this dish and freeze the leftover sauce for Thanksgiving dinner - to give your feast that extra spark!




(Photos courtesy America's Test Kitchen and Google search)



Here is the Recipe!


Use our fabulous bone broth ($24.99) (Now available for online purchase) and pick up some Noilly Prat Vermouth ($11.99).  (Buy online if you like)!




You can now buy our bone broth on line.  

Pay for it online and pick it up when you are ready.  We can even deliver, with a $50.00 minimum (2 jars).  So, if you know someone who is sick and want to send them something fulfilling, delicious, and healthy, send a little broth along.  We will even include a card free of charge!  


The card features a black and white photo I took in 2000 and printed in the dark room, as a nod to Ansel Adams.  It is blank, so you can let me know what you would like to say, and we can fill out the card and deliver with your gift of healthy bone broth!  



(photo Kathleen Powers Morgan copyright @ 2000)



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