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Port Plums & Newburyport Olive Oil

Port Plums & Newburyport Olive Oil

Port Plums & Newburport Olive Oil Company

Located in beautiful Newburyport MA,  Port Plums & Newburport Olive Oil Company is a purveyor of fine oils, balsamic vinegars and gifts. We have something to please everyone!

Stop in to visit and sample at our tasting bar.

Cooking with Ultra Premium Olive Oil

Cooking with Ultra Premium Olive Oil

Imagine the possibilities

Try using one of our fused or infused oils to instantly transform a simple dish into a palatte pleasing delight! Drizzle lemon fused oil over asparagus or fish. Tuscan Herb over pasta or chicken, Mushroom-Sage over roasted brussel sprouts or turkey or use butter infused oil on mashed potatoes or even popcorn! The possibilities are endless.

Cooking with Newburyport Olive Oil

Due to the low levels of free fatty acids (FFA's) the smoke point of our EVOO's is much higher than most commercially available olive oils. So in addition to salad dressings, bread dipping and baking, our oils are great for marinades, sauteing, roasting and grilling. 

One Tablespoon of Olive Oil

14 grams of fat - no cholesterol

77% is monosaturated

9% is polyunstaturated

14% is vegetable derived saturated

One Tablespoon of Butter

12 grams of fat w/33mgs cholesterol

66% is saturated animal fat

Butter Replacement Chart

Butter                                Olive Oil

1tsp                                   3/4 tsp

1tb                                     2 1/4 tsp

2tb                                     1 1/2 tb

1/4 Cup                               3 tb

1/2 Cup                               1/4 Cup + 2 tb

2/3 Cup                               1/2 Cup

3/4 Cup                               1/2 Cup + 1 tb

1 Cup                                  3/4 Cup


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