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What is Craft Beer

What is Craft Beer

So what exactly is craft beer?

You could ask your favorite beer-drinking hipster, but to save you an egregiously long and painstaking response, we’re answering the question for you. According to the Colorado-based Brewers Association, craft beer must be small, independent and traditional.

  • “Small” means the brewery distributes no more than six million barrels of beer a year.
  • “Independent” means that less than 25 percent of the brewery is owned by a non-craft beer brewery (like Anheuser-Busch InBev).
  • “Traditional” means that the majority of the brewery’s output consists of “beers whose flavor derives from traditional or innovative brewing ingredients and their fermentation.” (Sorry, Smirnoff Ice.)

It’s not always easy to tell the difference by looking at a bottle, but fear not: there’s an app for that. Craft beer lovers Barrett Garese and Rudy Jahchan invented Craft Check, an app that tells you if your bottle is craft or not by scanning the barcode. Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency in their food, so it stands to reason that they want transparency in their beer. If the craft beer industry continues to grow at its current pace, this app could really come in handy.

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