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Chain Theory

Chain Theory

Please do not break the chain!

I have a theory, it’s my chain theory!  After 23 years in the car business I have learned that a referral network is similar to links in a chain. 

This is how it works. I sell Joe a vehicle, Joe is pleased with his new vehicle and pleased with the way he was treated by me and the dealership.  As a result, Joe can’t wait to tell his friends, family and acquaintances to come see “Your Family Car Salesman”! 

Now I sell Joe’s friend a vehicle, he is delighted too.  As a result, he can’t wait to share his experience with his friends, family and acquaintances.  And the chain continues, everyone is happy. 

Phil Prieur

“Your Family Car Salesman”


Refer a friend and if they buy a car from me, I'll send you a $50 Gift Card!