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I’m Different, Unique, Awesome… but are you?

When it comes to creating exposure for your business, you have a lot of options, everything from free social platforms to mobile apps. But… so does everyone else!  So, how do you differentiate your business from others? How do you find a relevant audience, how do you engage them and ultimately convert them into loyal customers? After all, it’s not about the followers or likes, it’s all about engaging a revenue generating customer and turning that customer into a long-term loyal brand advocate! That's where Rheebo comes in! Learn how we create your audience and then provide an easy way for you to engage and convert them into your best fans. 

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Our platform is easily extended to ensure that that you always have the best ways to engage existing and new customers. Everything featured on Rheebo is designed to generate exposure for you business. Have an idea? Let us know.

For one low cost you get:

  1. Email, Surveys and landing Pages
    If you use constant contact or other email providers, you can replace it with Rheebo and not only get email but everything else listed here.
  2. Business Directory
    A search optimized directory to ensure you are found.
  3. Blogs
    Have a new product or service or an insight that will educate our members? You can easily create a blog that we make sure everyone sees!
  4. Survey
    Your customers have an opinion. Why not ask them!
  5. Events
    Having an event? Post it on Rheebo. Selling tickets? Use our paid event feature. 
  6. Store
    The Rheebo store enables you to sell gift cards or gift certificates and ....
  7. Contests
    A fun way to engage an audience. We provide photo, essay and caption contest capability
  8. Auctions
    Partner with a local non-profit for an auction and get great exposure.
  9. Lifestyle exposure
    Rheebo creates communities around things people are passionate about like pets. Have a pet business? Your business is automatically promoted in that section of Rheebo! We can create a lifestyle space just for you!
  10. Promotions (Timed, Coupons, Custom)
    Rheebo provides 3 types of promotion capability that get potential customers or loyal customers attention.
  11. Targeted Real-time Interactions
    You can create a message or promotion, select a target of customers on Rheebo and send them a real-time interaction. For example: Have pet store? Select Pets as the target and send a note to everyone on Rheebo that loves pets. Cool.. Right?
  12. Loyalty programs
    Rheebo will work with you to create a custom loyalty program.
  13. Connections
    You can create your very own referral network on Rheebo comprised of businesses you know and trust.
  14. Social connections - facebook, twitter, linkedIn
    Everything you do on Rheebo is connected to your favorite social sites. Post it on Rheebo and share it to any page you wish. Saves time!
  15. Workshops & Networking events 
    Rheebo is an advocate for your business and our monthly events make sure you have a chance to ask questions and provide feedback. Plus you have a chance to network with like minded businesses.
  16. Exclusivity
    Our goal is to work with businesses that are motivated and understand the value of our network. Our model provides a level of exclusivity to ensure that our business members have something that their competitors don't!

We're always thinking of new ways to put your business in front of those that matter and new features never cost you more.