For Small Business

Rheebo for Communities


Do you spend money every month on mulitple solutions like email, promotions, ads, loyalty programs, social marketing,  ecommerce and networking groups. Gets expensive doesn't it! How would you like a better solution that combines all of that capability into ONE solution that enables you to reach 1000s of potential customers for one low cost?

Rheebo is a unique platform that provides a simple to use suite of tools designed specifically for you, the small business owner. 

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little time, little money, little expertise... lots of capability!

Business Page

Your branded business page ensures that people will find and learn all about you!


RheeboMail is a simple to use email system, perfect for the small business. Send newsletters, offers or updates.


Like to share your expertise. Rheebo provides a simple to use blog feature that helps build relationships and a deep connection with potential customers

Social Connections

Post activity to your favorite social sites right from Rheebo. Everything is connected!


Sell gift cards and merchandise in the RheeboShare Marketplace.

Engage the Community

Rheebo provides a number of ways to interact with existing and potential customers. Events, Deals, Jobs, loyalty programs and more!

Your Marketing Support Team

Getting started with Rheebo is easy and we are with you every step of the way.  We do the set-up and help you with your content! Easy.


Save Money

Lower your advertising and marketing costs. Rheebo enables you to consolidate many things that you may already be spending money on, like email, traditional advertising and networking groups.

Measure Results 

With most types of adverising, it is difficult to quantify if something is working or not. With Rheebo, we can show you what is working and what is not. We'll work with you to create content that gets results.

Increase Customer Loyalty 

Rheebo creates communities around things people are passionate about and your business is right in the middle of it. This creates an extremely targeted audience that you can engage and reward creating a loyal following. 

Acquire New Customers 

Connect to other businesses and non-profits on Rheebo and have access to more relevent customers than ever before.

Enhance Community Profile 

Rheebo connects you to Non-Profits in a valuable way increasing your exposure within the community

Use Cases


Let everyone know

Posting an event on Rheebo is easy and attracts a lot of attention. Events posted before Wednesday are automatically pulled into our weekly newsletter which reaches 1000's of local community members. Share to your favorite social sites and see your engagement grow!


Share your knowledge

Research shows that people are more likely to engage when information is provided by the source and that's you! Share an insight, tip or how-to.


Create some attention

People love deals and it's a great way to get the attention of the community.