frequently asked questions

Rheebo is a locally focused social space where you have one place to interact and collaborate as a community. Everyone that matters in your community should be here; people, businesses and non-profits.  With everyone in one place, it is much easier to collaborate and focus on local things that matter in your community. Our goal with Rheebo is to change the local space by providing communities with a single destination that is reflective of their community dynamic. Imagine all of your local businesses, schools, non-profits, sports, politics and more in one collaborative space. Community happens!

facebook is a great resource for social chatter, but because it is timeline driven it is difficult to collaborate in a structured way. It is also difficult to control as anyone can create an event or a group and as a result it becomes fragmented. On Rheebo, there is one social space for your community with events, discussions, questions and media. Businesses and Non-Profits have the ability to create events and other content in more of an open forum as a way to generate broader exposure and awareness.  By having one source of local information, you can not only see what's going in your community, but you can contribute and engage. In addition, you are supporting your local businesses and non-profits in a variety of fun ways!

Rheebo is free for community members and Non-Profits. Businesses pay an annual subscription because we provide them tools and support to create exposure and awareness.

It sure is. Unless you expose it, everything about you is viewable only by you. We do not share or sell email addresses and our shopping cart is pci compliant and managed by Authorize.net

Start by creating a free account. Select your social space and complete the sign-up form. You will receive a verification email with a link that will return you to Rheebo signed in and ready to go. Start by finding your community group and clicking the join button. Not there? Create it. Then explore. View local businesses, non-profits, deals, classifieds, contests and auctions. Have an idea for a new feature? Let us know and we'll be happy to add it. Just for you!

Be sure to sign up for our weekly email which is chock full of local happenings. Know a great business? Tell them about Rheebo and if they join us, we'll send you $50 and reward you with 1000 buzz points.

A buzzPoint is a reward currency that you earn for doing things on Rheebo. As we grow, buzzpoints will become a real currency that can be used to buy things from Rheebo merchants and even each other.