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togetherness, it's amazing...

We realize that you have your favorite social sites and will rely on them to be your "social hangout".  Our goal with Rheebo is to treat social different, to give you, your local businesses and non-profits a single, reliable destination to collaborate without the distractions and agendas of those other sites. Our focus? Local things that matter!  No clutter, no filtering, no selling of information... just you, businesses and non-profits interacting in a fun and valuable way. 

It's local, it's all about community and it's the way social should be!

Getting Started

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The first thing you'll want to do is create a free account on Rheebo.  Having an account enables you to post, receive notifications, earn fabulous rewards and create or join communities. Rheebo is anonymous so your information is safe and secure.

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Non-Profit Solutions

Connect with your Community

Join your Community

Each town has a community. Find yours and join in. If your community is not there create it and invite other community members to join you!

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Local Businesses

Visit the business directory to find a great local business. Our business partners are an intregal part of our community. Find special deals, informative blogs and more! Explore local business

Local Non-Profits

Learn more about those organizations that work hard at having a social impact. Donate, Volunteer, and learn about the wonderful things they are doing in your community! Explore local non-profits


Our lifestyle social spaces are just the place to interact with those that share like interests. Learn about wine, find the best places to shop, read informative blogs or engage in hot community discussions!


Find fun events in your community. Whether it's family, social, seasonal, theatre or live entertainment, you'll find them on Rheebo! Explore Local Events

Shop & Support a Local Cause

The RheeboShare Marketplace is a great place to shop! A large percentage of your purchases goes to support a local non-profit of your choice! Explore the Marketplace