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The Opportunity Knocks Tour by Untapped History Newburyport

5/25/2018 to 5/25/2017 from 2pm to 4pm
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Untapped History
25 Water Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Phone: 978-355-8410

$40 Per adult

Untapped History

They're back!!

Join Untapped History as we kick off Memorial Day weekend with a tour of Historic Downtown Newburyport followed by the sampling of some very tasty historic alcoholic drinks!

Discover how opportunity knocked and Newburyport answered ... leading this small seaport to become an economic powerhouse on the world stage

Tour includes:

75 Minute tour with 16 stops

A flightof historic alcoholic drinks

The best appetizers from Michael's Harborside

Amazing views of Newburyport Harbor

The company of two charming history Nerds.

Untapped History - You'll Laugh, You'll Learn, You'll Drink!

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About Untapped History

Untapped History is a historical walking tour company dedicated to sharing the unique and unconventional stories of Newburyport. We’re different and proud of it.
Our tours are lively, entertaining and most importantly, well researched. Yes...we’ve met with historians, food experts, and preservationists to ensure our information is 100% accurate.
Let us take you to back in time to when privateers patrolled the waters, patriots plotted revolution in local taverns, smugglers dodged custom agents, and the world's riches poured into the port city.
Best of all, we'll end each 75-minute tour at Michael’s Harborside with a sampling of delicious historic cocktails that were popular in Newburyport over the past 400 years! We’ve partnered up with Privateer Rum and Riverwalk Brewery to make some really tasty drinks that you will be sure to enjoy! You'll also love our top of the line appetizers and a beautiful scenic view of Newburyport Harbor! So come see, hear, touch, and taste history with us.


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