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Deby's Sewing Service

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16 Bradford Loop
Georgetown Massachusetts 01833
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Catering to Your Unique Style and Needs

Offering a full range of quality women's, men's and chilldrens tailoring, mending and alteration services for busy people.  Deby brings her experience and creativity to every valued customer.  Services span everyday mending and repairs to custom set design progects for the movie industry, from community service (sewing on patches for our troops) to artistic hand finished beading on gowns.

Deby Ryan has been sewing since the age of 6 (for over 40 years!).  Taught by my mother and both grandmothers (Thank-you all!), I started my sewing business in 1977 and continue expanding my craft and skills with each new project.

Services include

but only limited by your imagination!

Basic Wardrobe Repair 
to prolong life of loved & useful items

  • Hems
  • Zipper replacement
  • Mending
  • Replacement of worn out elastic
  • Relining coats or jackets 

to make the fit right for you

  • Everyday clothes from jeans to business suits
  • Evening gowns
  • Prom dresses
  • Wedding dresses 

Custom Transformations
current, vintage or keepsake, because you love what you have

Do you have a special piece of clothing that you can't part with but it needs a new life why not recreate it as a baby christening gown or 1st communion dress or a pillow or even a Christmas tree angle, maybe only part of it becomes part of something new.  Lets create!

Home Decor & Reupholstering
sometimes old frame is better than new

Need chair, couches or sofas reupholstered?  Replace pillow covers or redesign drapes?   Deby's can do that too.

Local pick-up &/or delivery or onsite fittings/alterations may be arranged for a resonable fee.

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By Appointment