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Sweet Paws Rescue

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Essex Massachusetts 01923
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Sweet Paws Rescue - A “shelterless” dog rescue organization

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Sweet Paws Rescue is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and is a licensed/registered rescue with the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture and follows the 1-AHO-05 Animal Health Emergency Order. Per requirement of the AHO, SPR quarantines all dogs/puppies at a MDA approved in Woburn, Ma for 48 hours upon arrival into the state. Directly following the required quarantine period, all dogs/puppies and are examined, on site, by a licensed Massachusetts veterinarian. Once examined and given a clean bill of health, they are given Mass state Health Certificates and are free to go into foster care or to their permanent homes.

We work extremely hard to match the every one of our dogs with the best family/person, therefore we are very flexible in our adoption process. We want everyone to make a life-time commitment to these dogs and are completely aware that it is extremely hard to do, sight unseen, therefore, we believe in the "foster to adopt method". This completely removes the stress and anxiety of making that commitment.

Sweet Paws makes a point to call every single potential adopter to learn more about their lifestyle, needs, requirements, and interests in finding their next pet. We speak with every potential adopter about SPR's process and flexibility. We believe that open and honest conversation is best when finding your next companion and making the best match. Just because you may live in a condo, not have a fenced in yard, not be home 24 hours a day, does NOT mean that you wouldn't be a good candidate to be a forever home for a dog.

We believe in long lasting relationships with adopters and will always be supportive to the people who choose to adopt our dogs. For more information and to chat with someone at SPR, please email and we will be in touch ASAP. Please keep in mind that all of our volunteers work full-time jobs, so we will respond to your inquiry in the order in which it was received as soon as we are humanely able :)

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