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Chestnut Innovation Center

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11 Chestnut Street
Amesbury Massachusetts 01913
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The Chestnust Innovation Center is a Business Ecosystem

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We bring many elements together to help growing companies move from prototypes to profits and provide what growing companies need to innovate, partner, and grow. Business Ecosystems achieve a productive balance between proven expertise and new opportunities. It is an environment designed specifically to help growing companies with the challenges that they face. Whether an early growth company, a rapid growth company, or a mature company looking to innovate and grow, the Chestnut Innovation Center provides a unique environment to help you move from prototypes to profits.

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Why Chestnut Innovation Center?

Having a network of willing partners can be key to a growing business’ success.  This creates the ability to tap into existing expertise and develop innovative strategies to get products to market faster and more cost effectively.

Chestnut Innovation Center’s robust network of partners addresses a number of problems plaguing both new businesses and new product strategies – the cost of equipment to produce products, lack of expertise in materials management, and ineffective supply chains.

By tapping into willing specialty manufacturers in the area, Chestnut Innovation Center companies can obtain access to equipment and expertise they do not have internally.  These specialists can also produce short production runs at reasonable costs and availability, and by staying local – the inefficiencies and lack of quality in global supply chains can be avoided and time to market expedited.

Often knowing who to contact can save a lot of legwork—valuable time for entrepreneurs. For example, prototypes often require multiple iterations with changes required by early customers.  Without such a program, finding partners with required expertise can take months.  As part of our rich Business Ecosystem, the Chestnut Innovation Center has done the legwork for you.

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