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Spiker's Shrubs

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Vine Street
Amesbury Massachusetts 01913
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Our small-batch enterprise began in 2013 when I took a vacation from wine and wanted an alcohol-free, natural, and grown-up alternative to soft drinks. What started out as an experiment turned into a passion and eventually a business. And what started out initially as a beverage mixer turned out to also be amazing in the kitchen. We hope you'll give it a try.

Spiker's Shrubs in Cocktails: Our natural, concentrated fruit infusions add a sophisticated layer of flavor and acidity to artisan cocktails while letting the spirit of the spirit shine through.

Spiker’s Shrubs in Mocktails: Spiker’s Shrubs are the foundation of beautifully flavored alcohol-free sparklers, spritzers, and hot or cold teas, tissanes, and pressés. Less sugar and fewer calories than syrups!

Spiker's Shrubs in the Kitchen: The fruity-tart-sweet balance of Spiker’s Shrubs makes them great pantry staples. Splash onto salads, swirl into sauces, stir into stir-fries, drizzle over sorbets, add to marinades. Creative + fast!

Look for us at fine specialty food retailers and dining establishments including Tendercrop Farm, Shubie's, Nest, Cider Hill Farm, The Wenham Museum, Crave Restaurant, and the Hawthorne Hotel.


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