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Heron Pond Farm

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299 Main Avenue
Hampton New Hampshire 03827
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Heron Pond Farm South Hampton NH

At Heron Pond Farm, located in South Hampton, NH, we produce over 250 varieties of 35 fruits and vegetables, as well as a large variety of herbs and flowers. We practice sustainable agriculture to produce healthy, fresh food for local consumption in pursuit of our commitment to building community through local agriculture.


In 1998 Heron Pond Farm began on a small two-acre rented plot of land at David Bachelder’s farm. The Farm has been growing and changing ever since, with the goal of becoming a permanent part of the landscape in southern Rockingham County. Through the very generous help of James and Jocelyn VanBokkelen a more permanent home was found in South Hampton the following year. Then in 2000 the Farm came into its current form when Walter and Blanche Syvinki retired from Valley Acres Farm and turned operations over to Greg Balog and Andre Cantelmo. The VanBokkelen's commitment to open space has kept the land available, while the Syvinskis have been valued mentors in New England small farm practices. It takes a village to raise a child so it should come as no surprise that it has taken a mix of all these folks to make Heron Pond Farm what it is today.

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