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Nitty Bitty Critter Head Lice Removal

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Newburyport Massachusetts 01950
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Nitty Bitty Critter - Head Lice Removal

Without help, many families and/or caregivers find that dealing with a head lice infestation on their own is tremendously overwhelming, especially if initial treatment was unsuccessful or done improperly. At that time you may want to enlist the assistance of a head lice removal technician.

The goal of Nitty Bitty Critter is to serve the community by providing practical, safe, effective in-home treatment, while expanding awareness to help diminish the stigma of head lice infestation. With that in mind, Nitty Bitty Critter welcomes the opportunity to be of assistance to schools and healthcare professionals in addressing the head lice issue.

The products used for treatment are all natural. While there are studies that show that the herbs in these products are highly effective in treating and repelling head lice, the key to the elimination of both lice and nits is proper extraction or combing-out the hair.

 Nitty Bitty Critter is an in-home head lice removal service. With a hands-on approach, the aim is to create awareness and effectively treat head lice to help prevent further infestation. Treatments are done in the comfort of your home.

All family members should be checked for not only head lice, but their nits as well (which can be harder to detect). When one person is affected all close contacts (ex: friends, relatives, classmates, care-givers, etc...) of the infested person are equally at risk for contracting head lice: $35.00 per head

Extractions (comb-outs) are the key to successfully getting rid of lice, nymphs (adolescent lice which can be harder to see) and their nits. This can take a couple of hours depending on the length and thickness of the hair.
The fee is $75 p/hr plus a $25 travel expense for locations 30 miles and over.

It is recommended that the child is supplied with a well constructed metal lice comb and his/her favorite video game or movie to keep them entertained.

We supply most of the necessary tools and for the initial head lice treatment.

Treatments are kept confidential. Phone consultations are free.
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