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AlexAria Art

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Newburyport Massachusetts 01950
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The juxtaposition of Nature's serenity and Her teeming life forces in the moors and ocean's edges of an island has inspired much of my creative expression as an artist. I began making art in the winter of 2002, as an Artist in Residence at the Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts (NISDA). In isolation, but in communion with Nature's most hardy, yet simultaneously most fragile elements, I sought solace in the conflicting energies, in the intense beauty of survival. 

I work in three media: jewelry design, watercolor, and photographic images. I design and create silver and stone jewelry that offer the essences of Nature, through color and contour, reflecting the textures of life's seasons. I paint fanciful watercolors of oceans' edges landscapes and fantastical flowers. The chronicling lens of my camera produces images of Nature's splendor and scope,
evoking mindful recognition of a collective perception of time, inviting active participation in what we see... 

I find all three media exciting and satisfying. I enjoy customizing my jewelry design work, creating pieces unique to each patron's lifestyle and desire. My photographs and paintings allow one to both touch upon memories and also tingle with excitement at a new experience with Nature's gifts.

The Original Newburyport Knot Bracelet

What better represents the heritage of New England than the Coast Guard city of Newburyport?

The “Original Newburyport Knot” bracelet, designed by artist Patti Rae of AlexAriaSMArt, captures the maritime spirit of Newburyport, and is a wonderful keepsake of one of the North Shore’s most popular destinations. Sterling Silver. Custom made.

More about Knot Jewelry

If you are not local to the Massachusetts or Newburyport area, you may not have heard of knot jewelry before now. This versatile type of jewelry has roots deep in our country's earliest history, made popular by sailors over hundreds of years ago. During their downtime at sea, sailors would put their excellent knot tying skills to good use, tying bracelets out of jute rope for their loved ones at home. These bracelets were a great reminder to their families of the love the eternal love they had for them. Because of the connection to sailors, these pieces of knot jewelry are often affectionately referred to as “nautical knots.”

In the modern world, knots have returned in popularity as the nautical theme has arisen on many catwalks across the world. Anchored to the nautical world, knots can now be found in woodwork, furniture, clothing, and Newburyport knot jewelry. While knots will always be a reminder of the sea, they are also closely connected to the symbolism of infinity, both because they had been tokens from sailors and also because it is often impossible to find the end of an especially intricate knot.

With the eternal perspective in mind, many lovers purchase pieces of Newburyport knot jewelry for one another to display their commitment and love. This wearable art is appropriately given for any holiday or special occasion when you'd like to show your special someone how much they mean to you. If you are vacationing, Newburyport knot jewelry is perfectly sized to be worn or packed away during your travels and every time you see it, you will be reminded of your enjoyable travels to Newburyport. If you could take home only one piece of your experience here, why not choose something rich in the early American culture?


Susan Signori
07 Jan 2013
I received this beautiful NBPT Knot bracelet for Christmas. I love it. It fits perfectly. I’ve gotten Soooo many compliments. Thanks Patti.
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