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Veasey Memorial Park

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201 Washington Street
Groveland Massachusetts 01834
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Veasey is many things to so many people.  Often we are locally referred to as Nun's Hill. We are a nature preserve with  many wonderful animals, plants, insects and birds; a historical site with original features recalling days past, and a recreation area with forest, fields, nature trails and access to Johnson's Pond for year-round fun and relaxation.

We are also known as a versatile function & community facility - rain or shine.  Our main building has a variety of nice rooms available to rent for parties, meetings, classes, or entertainment - at modest prices.  The income from your patronage is directly re-invested in our operation to maintain our long-term viability.

A brief history...

One hundred years ago, a wealthy local industrialist, Mr. Arthur D. Veasey, who made his fortune right here in his extensive “Groveland Mills” built a quaint but stylish bungalow and several outbuildings atop
a remote hilltop in Groveland, as a getaway for his family. Mr. Veasey and his family had wonderful times gardening, hunting, fishing in Johnson’s Pond, as well as playing tennis and riding horses.
Mr. Veasey also operated a small dairy farm on the property.

Through a series of subsequent owners, most notably the Catholic Church, the estate expanded into a 15,000 square foot main building, and now only four nearby dwellings remain. Many local residents and visitors speak of the good times they had at “Camp Fatima”, which the Little Missionary Sisters of Charity ran here for many years. In remembrance of the earlier days, our hill, on which people still sled the winter blues away is still known as “Nun’s Hill”.

In 1996, interested residents of our town, with help from many other people and organizations purchased the property, which is to remain forever a 47-acre conservation property and town park for the use of all residents.

The main building is available to rent for parties, meetings, and other functions at modest prices.  The income from this is invested in the upkeep of the  buildings & grounds as well as the the Park's viability.

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