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MAC Fitness Rowley

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An interview with Kortnee Curcuru, Club Manager

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Ok, so tell us about MAC FITNESS ROWLEY... How did you get started?  Health Clubs can be intimidating.. right... you know ... getting up the courage to go, figuring out how to use all of that equipment, outfit selection and people will see you sweat. Well MAC Fitness Rowley is a different kind of club. It's all about you and YOUR exercise program whether it's equipment, small group training programs or the smoothie bar!


Manchester Athletic Club started as a premier tennis club of the North Shore. 40 years later, MAC offers a variety of health and fitness programs for all ages in three of our locations, Rowley, Gloucester and Manchester MA.

What does MAC FITNESS ROWLEY Specialize in?


We have everything you need for your exercise program including state-of-the-art equipment as well as personal and specialty training.  Our personal trainers thrive seeing their clients progress.  They truly have passion for what they do. 

In addition to 1-on-1 personal training, we also offer "Duo" and "Small Group"training.  You can have the guidance of a trainer and exercise with your fitness buddy at the same time!  Small Group training allows you to customize a group's goals.  If your team needs to compete better, you have a couple friends with shoulder issues, etc. - our trainers can put a program together to meet your needs.

What sets you apart from others?  Why do customers keep coming back?  There are a lot of health clubs out there... you know those chains with catchy phrases. 


When you enter MAC Fitness Rowley, it's like walking through your neighborhood and being among friends.  We're a tight knit community built by caring staff and great members.  The atmosphere is welcoming and our members are comfortable to be themselves. That certainly sets us apart from most fitness clubs and our customers love us for that! See what they say

Do you have any MAC Fitness news to share with us?


I am excited to say we are kicking off a New Small Group Training Program!  Each program is theme-based.  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise), Yoga and Rejuvenate (a full body strength program that focuses on core, balance and functional exercises).  Groups are kept very small, lead by our trainers.  You have trainer guidance and group energy.

We are offering this program to Members AND Nonmembers!  Also, be on the lookout for Boot Camp!


Don't just pick things up and put things down.... look better, feel better and live better! Stop by and say hello to Kortnee, check out the great facilities and programs and bring the coupon for a free week!

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