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Samarra Painting

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An interview with Julie King Owner of Samarra Painting

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Samarra Painting

Ok, so tell us about Samarra Painting... How did you get started? It's not often that we see a women owned and operated painting company. Of course it makes sense... women aren't as color challenged and have a certain flair for design. right?


I LOVE being in an industry usually run by the opposite sex. Thrilled to surprise and delight the General Contractors and the other trades. We hire women as well, in fact women run a few of my crews.

How did I get my start? I walked into a Home Depot, saw a book on faux painting, bought it and taught myself how to faux paint. That is when I saw how much color can change a space. After painting what I could in my own home, I found myself guiding family members in what to use in their own home. My husband thought I should open a business but I didn’t feel like I was “good” enough. I took a class at the community college and the instructor noticed my talent and skill and asked me to team teach the rest of the course with her! That was all the confidence I needed. I then went to New York for training with commercial grade products and I went to Tuscany Italy to experience real Venetain Plasters  . at that point I decided to open a business specializing in faux painting. Since then, we have since grown to include residential and commercial painting, Exterior painting, color consultation and more!

We know faux painting is a specialty, but what else have you got going on?


Color!  We LOVE Color and help everyone choose the correct one! Color effects how you think and feel………its very important. We have done everything from complete houses, interiors, furniture, restaurants and many other types of commercial applications. We enjoy working with home and business owners to give them the look and feel that they want!

What sets you apart from your competitors? 

Our results are spectacular! We are quiet, no blarring radios, no smoking, shoes off at the door, attention to detail and we'll make sure the place is just as we found it. Of course, we offer so much more than most including our eye for color selection and design, which as I said before, very important to how you'll feel in your home or commercial space.  There is also the element of trust. People trust us with their homes and animals! Some people schedule us when they are on vacation so we can watch the pets! True story! 


So there you have it! A women owned and operated painting company with an artistic flair for faux painting, color selection and a company that can handle all of your painting needs whether it's exterior, interior or commercial!  .

Have questions, give Julie a call at 978-764-3909 or visit their website to learn more.


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