what's in a name?

So what does Rheebo mean?   It's not so much what it means but what it represents. Rheebo was the nickname of our founders dog Reo, a true friend, loyal and always happy to to see you. 

We like those qualities so we decided to celebrate Rheebo in our corporate name! As a company, Rheebo embodies those qualities... a true partner that inspires loyalty and helps communities focus on local things that matter.

Of course, we're always happy to see you too!



what is Rheebo

Rheebo is a locally focused social network for people, small businesses and non-profits. It's the the place to be for you and your community to interact, collaborate and focus on local things that matter.   

Why Rheebo?

The internet can be a tremendous source of information and there sure is a ton of it, in lots of different places.  Makes it hard to feel like you're part of a community, doesn't it. Imagine how valuable it would be to have one destination to find out what's really happening in your community?  Everything from events to sports activities, school news, local politics to interacting with your local businesses and non-profits.

Our Mission

To be a community wide platform for education and collaboration. You see, when people, businesses and non-profits are informed and engaged in their community, amazing things happen!

To get started create a free account and then explore our new lifestyle social spaces. Find one you're interested and explore within the social space you can either join or create a group and engage! Have questions, let us know!

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