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togetherness, it's amazing...

We realize that you have your favorite social sites and will rely on them to be your "social hangout".  Our goal with Rheebo is to treat social different, to give you, your local businesses and non-profits a single, reliable destination to collaborate without the distractions and agendas of those other sites. Our focus? Local things that matter!  No clutter, no filtering, no selling of information... just you, businesses and non-profits interacting in a fun and valuable way. It's local, it's all about community and it's the way social should be!

Getting started is easy!

Step One

Create your free account on Rheebo

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Step Two

Join your Community Social Space. Not there? Create it!

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Step Three

Invite a friend or business to join Rheebo and earn.

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Step Four

Jump in and explore Rheebo! Connect and engage.