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At it's core, Rheebo is all about creating targeted exposure, word of mouth advertising and referrals for your business, all from one place. Rheebo provides a powerful suite of tools designed to put your business in front of those that matter, 1000s in fact.  The results are amazing.

Rheebo is different than anything else you've tried because our focus is different. Our focus... Creating multiple opportunities for you to connect, creating word of mouth exchanges and generating leads through referrals by leveraging relationships between people, your business and non-profits. The result?  Customers happen and not just any customers!  We're talking long term, loyal customers. We think that's better for everyone, don't you?

We're creating an exclusive network of credible businesses that want a better way to reach 1000s of potential customers. Let us show you how you can differentiate your business from your competitors and create a valuable referral network that delivers sustainable results.  

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little time, little money, little expertise... lots of capability!

Business Directory

People will find you in our search optimized directory. Include, coupons, video, maps, testimonials and more.

Targeted Interactions

Interact with those that matter through targeted interactions. Anytime you want, as much as you want.


Tools for engagement including email, surveys, polls, quizzes and landing pages. Don't have a website? Get one with your membership

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Social Connections

Post to your favorite social sites from Rheebo. Everything is connected!

All in ONE place

With a variety of ways to engage your customers, you have one place to focus your efforts. Our focus.. relationships and loyalty.

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Referral Network

Create your own word of mouth referral network comprised of businesses you know and trust. Get rewarded for referrals!

Plan Details

The Rheebo Standard Plan is perfect for the business that doesn't mind spending a minimal amount of time per week posting activities on Rheebo. If you update your own social sites like facebook or Twitter, you can do both from Rheebo.  It doesn't matter what you do each week, just do something like post an event, highlight a featured product or service, do a blog post, post a special or whatever you're comfortable with. You post it and we'll make sure everyone knows about it!

Of course, Rheebo is an advocate for you and your business and will work with you to ensure that what you do works, whether it's Rheebo or other marketing solutions you might try or consider trying.

When you join, we do the set-up and have the following tools that you can take advantage of:

  • Business Directory
  • Email with integrated basic Customer Management (contacts, tasks and appointments)
  • Blogs
  • Survey
  • Events
  • Store
  • Contests
  • Auctions
  • Lifestyle exposure
  • Promotions (Timed, Coupons, Custom)
  • Loyalty programs
  • Connections - get paid for your referrals
  • Social connections - facebook, twitter, linkedIn
  • Workshops - learn and network!
  • Exclusivity *

We're always thinking of new ways to put your business in front of those that matter and new features never cost you more. 

Click the button below, complete the form and we'll contact you to review your requirements, share with you the details about the Standard Plan and show you how Rheebo works. There is no obligation, we like to share what we're doing!

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