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Local Focus


Imagine, one destination focusing on local things that matter! Events, local businesses, social activities, merchandise and more. No distractions, just relevant, valuable information!

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create word of mouth advertising


Create amazing word of mouth exposure and referrals on Rheebo. Spend less time and money promoting your business by focusing on things that work! You have complete control!

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non-profits on Rheebo


Plug into a credible network of businesses and supporters. Do things together. Things that add value. It's local, it's all about community and it's the way social should be! explore, post, engage.. how refreshing!

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search for things to do on Rheebo
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 Post and find events, classifieds, businesses and more

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Yard Sales

Live Entertainment



Real Estate


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connect on Rheebo

Businesses and Non-Profits you know and trust

view connections on Rheebo

Not only can you find your favorite business or non-profit in the business directory but did you know that businesses create their own referral networks or connections on Rheebo. 

When businesses connect, you know that you have access to a network of credible resources.

Tap into this network and...

Have a great experience with a local business? Leave a testimonial and share it with your friends on your social sites.

Search for a business and find other relevant businesses

Ask questions and get answers from experts and other community members

Follow your favorite businesses and keep up to date with what they're doing


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follow your passion

Health, Food, Pets, Shopping, Diet

lifestyle sections on Rheebo


Lifestyles are special areas on Rheebo that focus on things that people, businesses and non-profits are passionate about.

We can create as many topics that we want so tell us what you have in mind!

Surround yourself...

Lifestyles are intended to give you a place to engage and interact with those that share similar interests and include:

Groups - Start a group or join one.





Social Connections

And just about anything we can come up with.

It's all about Local!

Rheebo is a locally focused community website that enables you to interact with small businesses and non profits while you are doing local things that matter. Just imagine... everyone in the community collaborating, creating awareness and interacting together in one place

It's local, it's all about community and it's the way social should be!



Learn how your business can become an intregral part of the local community, all of the time!

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Learn how to collaborate and fund raise in a new way! Donors, volunteers and supporters all in one place!

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